Magshimim in Wonderland


Magshimim did a FANTASTIC job on their play, Alice in Wonderland, tonight! Not only did the actors and actresses know their lines, songs, and look awesome on stage, but our edah as a whole truly came together. The songs were fun and catchy, the dances were well-choreographed, and all had a good time. The costumes and scenery came together beautifully. We truly believe we set the tone for how the next few plays in camp are expected to turn out!

Our edah song for the play was "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" – and we sang it in Hebrew! The chanichim (campers) sang and danced at the same time, which was very impressive! At the end of the hatzaga (play), we could truly feel the pride in the room as the chanichim sang the Magshimim edah song and thanked those who helped them make the play possible.

After the hatzaga we had an after party with ice cream, chips, and lots of excitement! Below are just a few pictures from our night. The kids went to sleep tonight with excitement about their day today, as well as their excitement for our trip to 6 Flags tomorrow!




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