Magshimim is in the house


Magshimim had a fabulous first day of camp! After all of the moving in and getting settled, our chanichim (campers) participated in many ice breakers and fun welcome-to-camp games. We played a game where you're not allowed to show your teeth while you speak, and all sorts of silly games to get the kids comfortable and laughing. Some of our counselors planned a really fun peulat erev (evening activity) last night: it was a choose-your-own-adventure game. The kids split into groups and got to choose, for example, which cereal they usually like for breakfast, and then had a challenge to complete for that decision. They had these scenarios throughout a regular daily camp schedule. The chanichim had a great time acting out activities that they get to do on a regular basis.

This morning in tefillot (prayers), we had a great discussion about prayer and what makes it meaningful. Our chanichim had some interesting thoughts to share about what they pray for and when. Today our day has gone very well – kids are enjoying their chugim (activities), and we had a delicious lunch: pizza, salad, and french fries! What could be better?! Tzevet (staff) magshimim looks forward to leading all of the fun programs they have planned for our kids this summer! 

Below are some pictures from last night's peulat erev. IMG_1511



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