Magshimim is loving life at Machane Ramah. Between an exciting camp-wide trip to Six Flags, camper performances at our weekly Thursday-night medura (camp fire), and a morning of bunk bonding on Friday's Boker Tzrif (morning spent playing sports and doing activities as a bunk), camp is anything but boring.

This morning, each tzrif (bunk) participated in three different hour-long activities with their counselors. Bunk 48 cooked delicious banana and chocolate chip pancakes while bunk 60 climbed the various ladders, nets and ropes in the alpine tower. Bunk 62 played a camper versus staff softball game and went paddle boating and canoeing in the lake.

We are gearing up for Shabbat – preparing our Torah readings, warming up our voices for amazing shira (singing) in the chadar ochel (dining hall), and writing shabbat-o-grams to our friends. This week the couselors of bunk 46, Ruth and Emily, wrote a note to share with all of our campers' parents.

"Bunk 46 has had a great week! Whether this is her eighth summer at Camp Ramah, or her first, each girl has become an integral part of the bunk and wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. Bunk 46 has taken on an active role in Magshimim tefillot by singing along, leading services and reading from the Torah. The girls are enjoying their busy days. Some popular activities are boating, ceramics, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and dance. We took a break from the week and relaxed on Shabbat. The girls loved the singing in the chadar ochel. More highlights of the week included girls bonding and trust activities, and our regular sing-alongs and dance parties. We cannot wait for Shabbat this week! Shabbat shalom."

Wishing you a shabbat shalom from Camp Ramah New England,

Helene  and Edat HaMagshimim

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