Magshimim Kicks Off the Summer!

Last night our Magshimimers were inducted into the Tribe of Mag'09. Complete with tribe names, a certificate, face paint, and Hawaiian leis, 70+ Magshimimers were welcomed to צד בת by their staff and rosh edah, Rachel. The goofy ceremony was memorable while giving us all a good laugh. It was a great way to kick off the summer programming.

Our first real day of camp has been a blast. Even the rain couldn't stop our excitement for being here. We played dodgeball in the Beit Am Bet, enjoyed chug (I joined some of our girls in ceramics), sang/danced/took pictures/did art/learned about nature for Tarbut Yehudit, and got the chance to get to know another person in the edah on a deeper level tonight for Peulat Erev.

We are all bursting with excitement for tomorrow's Etgar. We will spend the day building rafts and playing Teva games. Then we will pitch our tents and cook our dinner – and sleep under the stars. The sun has promised to shine, and we can't wait!

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