Magshimim: Kol Echad Madhim (Everyone is amazing)


Magshimim has had a fantastic start to camp! Not only have we focused on tzrif (bunk) bonding activities, but we have also worked on becoming closer as an entire edah, or unit. The first night of camp, after being led in a trust-walk with our bunk-mates by our counselors, and with each camper’s handprint, we created an edah flag.IMG_0341

We sang our edah song, which is to the tune of “Twist and Shout,” and played many ice breakers to get to know each other. Wednesday night’s peulat erev, or night time activity, involved each tzrif performing different tasks to show off its own personality, by creating tzrif jingles and skits, and we even incorporated our Hebrew language knowledge! So far, Magshimim is showing lots of ruach, or spirit, and we hope it carries on as we start preparing for our upcoming play, Alice in Wonderland. 

In addition to our time spent as an edah, Magshimim has also jumped right into the exciting chugim, activities, that camp has to offer. Our campers have been participating in omanut, arts and crafts, boating, climbing the alpine tower, lots of sports, and more! We are very excited about our positive start to camp, and look forward to everything to come in the next few weeks!

Here are some photos capturing the fun we’re having so far:




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