Magshimim on Etgar!

The brave men and women of Magshimim 2010 spent all day Sunday
participating in water and land Etgar (challenge) activities around
camp. In the morning, half of the edah (unit) built rafts out of empty
water jugs, tubes, and ropes. Then, they boarded their rafts and
attempted to maneuver the water crafts through an obstacle course. The
rest of the group participated in an orienteering adventure, running to
all corners of camp with their compasses and clues. In the afternoon,
the groups switched activities so that everyone had a chance to
participate in both activities.

After our fun-filled day, we made delicious bean, cheese, and vegetable
burritos with the teva (nature) staff and told funny stories about our
past camping trip experiences around a medura (camp fire). Our
counselors Emily, Itai, and Arielle planned Survivor Magshimim, a series
of seven team-building, Jewish trivia, and teva-based activities that
tested our abilities to work as groups and think creatively. At one
station, we had to identify specific berachot (blessings) that we say
over our favorite camp foods like french toast sticks and pizza bagels.

We were lucky enough to avoid thunderstorms and after dinner the boys
headed out to the tree house beyond Machane Gimmel (the outskirts of
camp) to spend the night sleeping in tents and making baked apples
around a fire. The girls stayed in camp for some quality girls bonding
time and trust games. The girls will go out to the tree house to camp
out next week!

Between singing with the shira (Jewish music) staff, star-gazing, and
eating delicious homemade food, Magshimim Etgar was a huge success.

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