Magshimim Special Bunk Activities!

In addition to the normal edah (age group) programming throughout the week, all of the bunks in Magshimim have done special activities just for their bunk. These special treats, planned by the madrichim (counselors), are some of the most memorable parts of camp. The chanichim get a chance to do something together, bond as a group, and just have FUN!

Here is just a sampling of the fun things going on:

On Sunday, Tzrif (bunk) 42 had a surprise early wakeup and party to celebrate Ilana’s birthday!

On Thursday, Tzrif 44 had a “sneak out” to the Beit Midrash Kitchen, where they baked cupcakes, made their own icing colors, and participated in bonding activities.

On Thursday, Tzrif 46 and 52 got together to have a surprise ice cream party after curfew! The two tzrifim had to “sneak” out of their bunks and get to Little House without being caught, with ice cream as the prize!

On Friday, Tzrif 42 woke up early to go canoeing on the agam (lake), and Tzrif 41 did the same thing this morning!

Throughout the rest of the week, our tzrifim can look forward to movie nights, games on the migrash (field), and much more.

All of our Tzrifim are doing spectacular things, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!


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