Magshimim takes things a step deeper

Magshimim did an activity in tefilot (prayers) where we looked at Adon Olam and talked about the different ways we see God in that prayer specifically. After looking at some of the specifics, our chanichim (campers) had the chance to write about what God is NOT, to them. We got some really profound ones that I want to share with you here:

– God is not the laces in my shoes. Nor is he this paper. He is the tree that this paper was made from, and the hard-worker that created theses laces.

– God is not always perfect, but he fixes his mistakes, we all do!

– God isn't me. Yes, we may be created in God's image…but God doesn't control my everyday movements or actions..those are for me to choose.

– God is not evil. God does not kill without reason. God doesn't start war. God doesn't do things for us, he (she) lets us figure them out ourselves.

– God has no gender, God has no form, God needs no blanket to keep him warm. God is not one specific things, that's why He's God! That's why He's King!

Last night at our medura (campfire), Magshimim read out to everyone what they are thankful for. We also heard some really nice thank yous that I want to share here as well:

I am thankful for…

-  being able to go to camp to make amazing memories that will change my life

-       the food on my plate and for the fact that we don’t waste leftovers

-       the ability to laugh!

–       for my awesome counselors

– the amazing experience I get each summer by coming to the best camp in the world, Camp Ramah in New England

-       Being Jewish

-       The people surrounding me, my body parts, and being healthy

-       My family and friends and all they do for me

In additon to our medura last night, Magshimim also learned a dance that their peers taught them. Six girls in chug rikud (dance activity) made up a dance, and then taught it to the rest of the edah. We are excited to show it to all of B-side tomorrow night! The girls did a great job with the dance – it looks awesome!

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