Magshimim Tefilla

Adat ha-Magshimim had a lovely tefilla this morning, led by madricha (counselor) Sarah Rosenfeld.  Madrich Natan Fandel gave a D’var Tefilla about the prayer Ahava Rabba which precedes the Shema, and explained the reason for the custom of wrapping tzitzit around one’s finger at the time this prayer is recited.   Chanichim continue to perfect. their tefillin-wrapping skills.  Finally, Rosh Edah Matan Weisbrot concluded with Hodaot (announcements); today’s Yom Meyuhad (special schedule) includes a morning of Alice in Wonderland followed by an afternoon of Kishroniyah.  Yasher Koach!

Categories: Magshimim, Tefillot