Magshimim travels to Newport!

It has been quite a busy, fun-filled week in Magshimim! Between Yom Sport (color war), celebrating a camper’s bat mitzvah, and going on an exciting trip, lots of fun ground has been covered! Today we traveled with Bogrim to Newport, RI where we got a tour of the Touro Synagogue (the first synagogue in America) and then spent part of our afternoon at the beach. It was a beautiful day, and the weather was perfect. Our chanichim (campers) were patient, polite, and very excited to get to relax on the beach with their friends and play in the water. Tonight we ended our busy day with a calming medura (campfire). The banim (boys) were working on a mosaic project while our banot (girls) made signs and poems to thank people around camp who don’t normally get enough appreciation. This activity led us into our weekend theme of appreciation. We are psyched for this Shabbat, and ready to compete against Ramah Berkshires on Sunday!

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