Magshimimer Matt Gad’s Harachaman


Last summer, as Mag Bencherpart of their Ramah Take-Home Project, Magshimim learned about Birkat Hamazon, the blessings after the meal.  As part of their learning experience, Magshimim campers developed their own personal blessings, which gave expression to those things that they hoped for or greatly appreciated.   Magshimim then designed and compiled their own bencher (booklet with Birkat Hamazon), which, in addition to the traditional texts, included pictures from the summer and many of their personal blessings.

To download a copy of Magshimim's bencher, please click here

Every two weeks we will be posting one of the blessings that various Magshimim campers composed.  We hope that you will include these blessings in your family’s meal time prayers and use them as a way to reflect upon that which your family may hope for or appreciate. 

 This week’s blessing comes from Matt Gad:

May god enable us to enjoy all different types of food from all different cultures.

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