Magshimim’s Etgar


Yesterday Magshimim got the opportunity to work with Adventure In/Adventure Out for an Etgar program. We spent half the day doing a GPS scavenger hunt – each team got a GPS that led them to clues. After collecting enough clues, they had to return to complete a challenge. It was a fun program!

In the evening we did Iron Chef: Camp Ramah Edition. The ingrediants were tortilla wraps, cheese, beans, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, peppers, salsa, and tortilla chips. I, along with Team Winners (we named ourselves, perhaps prematurely), challenged the rest of the edah to cook the best dinner.

(Team Winners, lined up by height, "like the Cingular bars")

Here is a picture of our ingredients:

Although my team didn't win (bummer!), we had a blast. We cooked through a thunderstorm but stayed dry and happy by singing, dancing, and focusing on the food. We made quesadillas and nachos – it was DELICIOUS! And everyone left quite filled and satisfied.

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