Magshimim’s First Day of Second Session!

While we eagerly anticipated the arrivals of so many of our second session friends, it was sad for us to say good-bye to our first session friends. (If they are reading this…Hi! We miss you! Write to us!)

Although yesterday (opening day) was rainy, we still had a blast getting to know each other, learning fun facts about each other and our counselors. The sun has been shining today and we’ve all been having a great time. Sports, chugim, and all sorts of activities have started today – and we’re very excited.

Tomorrow we’ll have try-outs and sign-ups for Magshimim’s play, which we are eagerly awaiting. Tomorrow night we’ll watch the movie that the play is based on…until then, the play is a secret – but check back soon for an announcement revealing the name of the play!

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