Magshimim’s Slice of Quiche!

One of the most exciting programs that we get to partake in as chanichim of tzad bet is kishroniyah (pronounced: quiche-roe-knee-ah). For three days we bring in outside professionals in their fields to share their expertise and talents (kishronot in Hebrew) with us. Chanichim chose their placements and are now enjoying three days of one of the following:

a) Tennis players are honing their skills by playing of variety of different games.


b) Basketball players have a group of four coaches teaching them, dividing them into teams, and getting them ready to be Berkshires:-)


c) Cooking is learning a variety of techniques, making lots of different food, and eating all of it!


d) Robotics is working with Lego sets to build a whole host of different gizmos and gadgets.


e) Ultimate Frisbee is working their skills, running a ton, and having a blast!


f) Mural Painting is working on a gorgeous mural focused on this summer’s theme: Kevah and Kavvanah.


g) Mosaics are making Kangaroos to put around the camp. #FearTheRoo


h) Jewelry Making is using very small, delicate beads to create beautiful pieces.


i) Canoeing and Backpacking are spending three days two nights in the wilds of New England! Though no pictures have been sent back yet, contact has been made with the groups and they report having a blast!

k) A Capella is working on a few different songs, and they already sound fantastic! Unfortunately, the video cannot be viewed on the blog. It is available here!

The chanichim have been loving the opportunity to spend a few days focusing on one area and getting to really learn some new skills in that field, and we’re very grateful to our outside experts for coming in and sharing their expertise with us!

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