Meah Milim Winners!

We are so proud of all of our hanichim (campers) and hevrei tzevet (staff-members) who were nominated by their peers to receive a special Meah Milim hultza (“100 Words” t-shirt) because of their great use of ivrit (Hebrew) all kayitz (summer) long!

What are the Meah Milim?  Working with members of our tzevet (staff), we put together a list of the 100 most common words that we use (or should use) in Ivrit at camp. Many of these milim (words) are milim that we already all regularly use in Ivrit, while others are common words that we want to push ourselves to start using only in ivrit.  Throughout the kayitz, everyone at camp pushes one another to use the milim on this list exclusively in Ivrit — both for chanichim and madrichim.  And the Meah Millim initiative doesn’t stop with specific words — we use this program as a catalyst for including more Ivrit in our everyday lives at camp.  This is a challenge that our entire camp kehilah (community), from menahel (director) to first-time chanich(camper), takes part in together.  Learn more here.

Pictured above are our Tzad Aleph recipients from Machzor Sheinei (Second Session), and pictured below are our Tzad Bet recipients.  Kol hakavod!!