Media & Podcasting Chug (elective): Kochavim & Ilanot

These lucky Kochavim and Ilanot chanichim (campers) are having a fun and creative experience.  Under the leadership of Madrich (counselor) Ben Schwartz, the Media and Podcasting Chug is planning, creating, and recording podcasts all around camp.  Yesterday, their podcast involved recreating the sound effects of our agam (lake) using props (bucket, water, hands in water in bucket, etc.).  Recitation of the Meah Milim in a low baritone by the Chug leader was a technique to achieve the goal: relaxation, or in podcast parlance: achieving the Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).  Close your eyes and think…Mazleg…Nahar…Sakin…Chadar Ochel…etc.

Here is the planning stage:

Here the chug participants are walking to their first stop: collection of a bucket from the Ilanot Moadon, in which to pour the water to create the agam-like sound effects.  They are accompanied by their mascot, the Red Rock (below left):

Filling the bucket at the Moadon Solelim faucet:

Repairing to the Tzad Aleph gazebo, and insertion of flapping hands to recreate wave-like agam-like sound effects (the agam also apparently giggles as well):

Two magical moments occurred during this chug.  First, the as the chug participants went in scavenger-hunt style search for the necessary props,  they bumped smack dab into the…Video Chug! Seen below: what happens when Video Chug and Media & Podcast Chut collide!

and…When one of the particpants’ flipflops malfunctioned during the chug, we were delighted to discover that less than 20 feet away there was the fortuitously located…Duct Tape Chug! What Mazel! They even had matching color duct tape to effect the repair!

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