Meet Ezra Balser, Rosh Nivonim 2012!


We are very excited to announce our 2012 hanhallah (Senior Staff)!  Keep checking the blog this week for more information!

Ezra Balser.cropped.smShalom!  My name is Ezra Balser and I will be Rosh Nivonim this summer!  I have been a Ramahnik since my Halutzim (entering 6th Grade) summer in 1996 and I have been hooked ever since! I took my freshman year of college aboard and studied at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem from 2003-2004.  I received a B.A in Religious Studies from York University in 2008.  While at York, I was a member of Kol Neshama, the York Jewish a cappella choir. I currently serve as a club advisor for Jewish Student Union in the Chicago area as well as serving as the Youth Director at Am Yisrael Conservative Congregation in Northfield, IL.  In the fall I will be entering the Rabbinical School program at Hebrew College in Boston. I have been a Rosh Edah at Camp Ramah in New England since 2010 and I am very excited to be returning for my second year as Rosh Nivonim for kayitz 2012.