Meet the Kobell Family: 93 Years at Palmer (So Far…)

Please meet the Kobell Family.  This amazing family has a total of 93 years at Palmer! Deena Kobell is currently serving on our tzevet Omanut (art staff), running our popular Ceramics chug (elective).  Here is Deena’s description:

Above is a photo of (from left) Aliza Haas (Kobell), Gerry Kobell, Deena Kobell and Rona Kobell.  We have the following years at CRNE Aliza (23); Gerry (35); Deena (20); and Rona (15). Gerry was Rosh Maintenance and Rosh Airport for three decades. Our mother Helen was the camp librarian and then ran the canteen for many years. All of the Kobell girls started in Gan and attended camp through Nivonim and Seminar. Aliza and Deena came back on tzevet (staff) –Aliza on Tzevet Agam and Deena as a Madricha and then Rosh Edah. The Kobells also worked at other Ramah camps–Gerry at Ramah Poconos; Deena at Ramah Berkshires, and Aliza at Ramah Wisconsin.  Our brother Daniel also spent over 10 years at camp and returned as assistant business manager for one year.


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