Meet Matt: our Flag Football Professional

We welcome Matt Duplin of Winthrop, MA to Palmer, for his first time serving on our tzevet (staff).  Matt will lead the Flag Football chug (specialty group), and has already set up the Tzad Aleph Migrash (A-Side field) to serve as a large flag football field.

Matt works during the non-camp season at Be Ahead of the Game, whose mission is “to provide opportunities for movement, sports, games, and FUN to children of all ages. We believe that teaching children the value of physical fitness at a young age instills healthy habits that will last a lifetime.”

On the first full day of camp, Matt says he looks forward to a great flag football season, with first class people and a beautiful campus. Matt is enthusiastic about learning some of our Meah Milim as well! Interesting Hebrew note: the Hebrew words degel (flag) and foot (regel) rhyme!

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