Meet Nitzan Ben-Ner, CRNE Ivrit Specialist


Meet Nitzan Ben-Ner, CRNE Ivrit Specialist:
It is hard to imagine that last year this sweet young woman with a quick smile was assigned to a rehabilitation base for Israeli soldiers with behavioral issues.  Her second summer at CRNE, Nitzan Ben-Ner completed her compulsory IDF service last year and will apply this year to university.  She lives in Pardes Chana and hopes to pursue a career that allows her to follow her love of art.

She found Camp Ramah through the referral of a friend, and endured a lengthy application process before interviewing for Morah l’Ivrit (Hebrew Teacher).   She enjoyed her first summer so much, she reapplied to return this year and has a more intensive Hebrew schedule with more campers benefiting from her expertise.  Nitzan says that the best thing about CRNE is her interaction with the campers, both in class and in the Bunk of Shoafim girls with whom she lives.  She loves the spirit and openness of the kids she meets, and their approach to life and Judaism. 

Thank you, Nitzan, for making CRNE makom meyuchad (a special place!)!

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