Meet Rosh Amitzim 2010: Ariella Rosen!


AriellaRosen.croppedShalom Machaneh Ramah!  My name is Ariella Rosen, and I am very excited to be Rosh Amitzim for kayitz 2010!  I will be returning for my second summer as Rosh Amitzim, and my 11th summer at camp overall. I was a camper at Ramah Palmer for five summers (ending with Nevonim 2002) and this will be my 6th summer on Tzevet Amitzim. During the year I live in New York City and spend my time working in a number of positions in the world of Jewish learning and living. After camp this fall I will be starting Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theological Seminary. I also went to JTS for my undergraduate studies (in the joint program with Columbia University), graduating in February 2009. During my spare time I like to play ultimate frisbee, explore New York, and read outside. Camp has inspired me in almost everything that I do and I can't wait to come back for more in kayitz 2010!