Mishmar at Ramah

Mishmar, Tzad Aleph (A-Side)-written by roving reporter Betsy Cowan
Thursday night is Mishmar for Pe’ulat Erev, the evening activity.  Other nights of the week each Edah holds its own activity, but this night, camp specialists rotate among the edot (plural for Edah) in 20-minute intervals.  For Edat Ilanot, the first program was Emet O’sheker, (Truth or Fabrication), the old game show Truth or Consequences, CRNE version.  This group of 4th/5th grade campers was so engrossed, the anticipation was palpable as they listened to the panel of staff give all but one bogus explanations; and then the explosion of joy as their votes were correct or not.  Judesmo (another name for Ladino) – Moishe Kapoyer (someone who complains) – Kibbutz Galuyot (the return of the Diaspora to Israel) — sophisticated terms and yet now part of Edah Ilanot vernacular!
Next period, shirah with Jeremy.  First a familiar song, with movement and interval voices.  Then a new song, upbeat and repetitive until the voices singing fill the space.  Last period, Shabbat-o-grams as art project.  The culmination is a Tzad Aleph snack and open rikud (dance) session.
Hinuch (education)? No question.  Fun?  Definitely.

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