More Great Pics From Boker Tzrif and Yom Foam!


It has been an enormously exciting past few days at Machaneh Ramah!  As we gear up for our final week (sniff) at camp this summer, our schedule is jam-packed with amazing special activities.  Leora Kimmel and several of the Roshei Edot have blogged already about last Friday's Boker Tzrif, in which bunks had a chance to sign up for a variety of amazing activities run by our entire specialty staff.  It was a gorgeous morning, and a great time for some tzrif bonding as our kids and their counselors played sports, jumped on the water trampoline, climbed the alpine tower, made tzrif videos, or any one of an array of other choices.  There are a ton of photos on our web-site — here are a few more great snaps:


Of course, Friday afternoon was also YOM FOAM!!


Today is YOM BERKSHIRES, our day of sports competition with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.  The buses from Berkshires just pulled into camp a few minutes ago, and our campers are ready to play!  We'll have lots of pics to post soon.

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