Mural Mural On The Wall…

Today was a special day at Machaneh Ramah as the ninth mural was added to our beautiful mural collection on our campgrounds. The mural which was created during Kishroniyah is an important part of the theme of the summer which is and it reflects the way that the chanichim (campers) think about that theme and the ideas that they come up with to express it in an artistic way. The theme for the mural this year is Emet- Truth which is the 2019 summer theme at Machaneh Ramah.

About the mural design~

The center of the mural represents the agam (lake) which is what divides Tzad Aleph (A-side) and Tzad Bet (B-side). There are two faces on either side of the mural one of the faces represents Tzad Aleph and the other face represents Tzad Bet. Within the mural, the word Emet (truth) is hidden in eighteen different places. This is analogous to the idea that truth is oftentimes hidden, hard to find, and we must search for it. In the middle of the agam there is a picture of two people in a boat. This represents the ripple effect that one thing can have, such as dipping an oar into the agam and it starts out as a small ripple but it grows and the effect can not be stopped. So to is the effect of being truthful or not being truthful. Within the mural are also small pictures that depict images that are important parts of life at camp. Finally, the Hebrew phrase “Emet ata hu rishon Ata hu acharon- Truth you are first and you are last” runs from one side of the mural to the other side. Thank you to all those who worked hard on this beautiful and meaningful timepiece. Your work will be admired for many years to come. Yasher Koach-great job!

The sketch for the mural design and prepping the panels

Tova Speter the artist explaining to the chanichim the steps of the mural creation

The panels are painted and awaiting the final touches


The wooden frame on which the mural would be hung was built

Today the frame has been completed and the mural hangs proud as the ninth in camp ramah new england.


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