National Ramah-Trained Palmer Staff!


A large number of our 2010 staff members participated in National Ramah training programs this off-season, in preparation for the summer.  These programs include Daber (a new initiative for improving Hebrew at camp), Weiner (the Rosh Edah training program), Weinstein (the returning counselor training program), JNF in Israel, and more.

All participants received a National Ramah t-shirt with the name of their program on the back — and today, the last day of staff week, all of our participants proudly displayed their t-shirts!

NRC shirts at NE - faces
NRC shirts at NE - backs
We're so lucky to have so many of these leaders around camp who participated in these NRC training programs!  They will be terrific roles models to the rest of the staff, and to all of the campers who will be arriving at camp tomorrow morning!!