The new chadar ochel is state of the art in every way

The new Chadar Ochel is absolutely beautiful.  The kitchen size has more than doubled, with state of the art cooking and baking equipment and a separate parve and allergy area.  The baking area has a bread proofer that allows Baker George’s Shabbat pastries to rise twice as high as they rose in the past.   Chef Sean and the rest of the kitchen staff are very excited to show off their new space.

The Chadar Ochel and Mitbach (kitchen) also provides camp with a great opportunity for Vocational training for our Tikvah program.  This year we will pilot a program to teach a group of young adults in the Voc-Ed program about safe food preparation.


While the dinning area and kitchen are truly spectacular, the bathrooms are receiving the biggest rave reviews. From one anonymous madricha (counselor): “This looks just like the bathroom in Lord and Taylors.”  Another madricha walked into the bathroom and exclaimed: “there are just so many bathrooms in here….I can’t believe it!”



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