News from Ilanot!

Shalom Parents,
As always we have been so busy here at camp! On Friday night we were able to join the rest of the camp for services. On Saturday we relaxed, swam and played, and participated in a very special activity planned by our staff. During the first half of the program we learned the song 'acheinu', which we were then able to sing later at seudah shlishit, the third meal on Shabbat. During the second half of our program we learned about the raid on Entebbe, and then played a game to simulate that experience. We finished up with a short fourth of July celebration.
On Sunday night we participated in an all camp activity, as representatives of the edah were asked questions related to the summer Torah portions and completed physical challenges for points. We had a lot of fun! On Monday everyone started a new rotation of activities, as we switched sport, chug and tarbut yehudit. The campers are very excited about their new choices! Tonight we are looking forward to the Rick Recht concert! Campers have made signs to hold, and learned the words to many of the songs that will be preformed. We hope you are enjoying your summer and check back soon for more Ilanot updates!

Shira, Rosh Ilanot

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