News from Shoafim, tzrif 21

Hi Shoafim friends and family, here is a note from the madrichot (counselors) in tzrif 21. Enjoy!


Everything is going very well in tzrif 21.  During peulat tzrif (bunk activity) this week, we designed our bunk T-shirts.  As part of the design, each girl drew an animal that she felt best represented herself.  This was a continuation of a peulah we did on the first day of camp in which the girls introduced themselves to each other using different animal noises.  It was an activity that got them all laughing together on the first day and has stuck as an element of bunk unity since then.  Now, those cartoon drawings, with the help of our talented Nitsan who works in Omanut (arts and crafts), will forever be a reminder of our summer together on the back of our T-shirts.  We also played a game of "roses, buds, and thorns."  In that game, we sat in a circle and shared with each other a rose — something great that happened to us this week, a thorn — something that happened that could have gone better for us, and a bud — something to look forward to in the last week of the session.  With "Yom SHOwtime!" tomorrow, our take-home projects, carnival and banquet, and Shabbat Shoafim this week, we certainly have a lot to look forward to.

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