Nivonim: בוקר צריף ושבת

I know it has only been a few days since the last update but I really want to talk about boker tzriff and this past Shabbat so that we could all schlep a little nachas with us on this beautiful Sunday. This past Friday every bunk (and tent) in camp participated in a morning of fun programs and activities. The tents went around with their madrichim and cooked, danced, water trampoline-ed, volley balled, etc. One tent even played their Rosh eidah in a high stakes game of Gaga with the loser of the game cleaning the girls’ bathroom in the k’far.

Shabbat was one of my favorite of my time at Ramah! The singing was wonderful, our tisch and folk singing were joyous and the camper-staff sporting events exhilarating. The weather was gorgeous and everyone got some good shabbis rest in the sun. Nivonim had a great peulat Shabbat in which we had multiple discussions on ethical eating and kashrut. Now we are pretty much in the crazy days leading up to our play (Lord of the Rings!) and awaiting kishroniyah. I would love to write more but I have to go clean the girls’ bathroom in the k’far.

Best wishes


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