Nivonim 2009!!!

Hello and cyber greetings to the camp Ramah community!

                This is Ethan Witkovsky Rosh Nivonim writing to say hello and welcome you all to our section of the Ramah Palmer blog. Camp has gotten off to wonderful start up here in K’far Nivonim (the k’far is the tent city where the eidah lives). Everyone is getting settled into k’far life: getting better acquainted with living on sand and learning when to leave tent flaps up and when to leave them down (weather prediction is just one of the many skills that we improve upon during the Nivonim summer).  Our first week of programming was a blast! On the first day of camp we went through a sped up version of the summer’s programs in about an hour. We learned how to be song leaders and then on Friday the Nivonimers led an amazing shira (song) session. It was their first time but it felt like they had been doing it for weeks already! We also lead Saturday night singing for all of B-side which is one of my favorite times of the week.

                In fact, singing seems to be a big hit in this eidah.  After Friday night song leading we all came back to the kfar for our own tisch and singing session of traditional Jewish Shabbat songs as well as traditional folk tunes and some Disney. We have also chosen our eidah song and it is to the tune of “am yisrael chai”. Another big hit in the eidah is Frisbee, almost every chunk of free time finds a bunch of kids playing Frisbee, learning how to throw a Frisbee or trying to knock a cup off of a rather tall pole with a Frisbee (a feat for which I have attached a 10 minute curfew extension prize). Dance parties also top the list of favorite activities during the down time in between sport and Nivonim University and after our evening activity. By the way Nivonim University is looking stellar this summer, our classes are taught by a number of people on the education staff, including two University professors and also one of the eidah’s own counselors. I have sat in on a few of the classes and they seem awesome.

                Now we are getting ready for Etgar our four day out of camp adventure experience. Different groups of us will be on a number of wonderful trips. We will be going backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, caving and biking. I can’t wait and I hope to update you all with more blog posts and hopefully some pictures too as soon as we get back.

best wishes from the k'far,

Ethan Witkovsky

 Rosh Nivonim

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