Nivonim: Amitzim MiNis plan Peulat Shabbat

Today our Amitzim MiNis (Madrichim b’Nivonim/Counselors that are in Nivonim) planned Peulat Shabbat/Shabbat activity for Amiztim.  The goal of the peula was to teach the Amitzimers about Havdallah/Service that ends Shabbat.  There were stations led by our MiNis to correspond to the brachot/blessings in the Havdallah Service.  For the bracha over the grape juice/gafen, the MiNis cut out purple paper to look like grapes.  Then, they all jumped on them to simulate the juice making process. It was a lot of fun!  For the bracha over the spices/besamim, the hanichim had cloves and made besamim kits.  For the bracha over the fire/meorei ha’aish, the hanichim were given paper candles. 

I am very proud of our MiNis for working hard to teach the Amitzimers about HavdallahYasher Koach to Sarah, Shoshie, Sam, Nathan, Aliza, Mira and Miriam for transmitting the Ramah experience to their hanichim!

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