Nivonim and Assassin: Update!

Here are some anecdotal updates to the hot competition actively going on in adat-haNivonim (see earlier blog here: )

Max P., Max S. and Alyssa E. report no attempts on or by them.  Gillian W. reports an attempt on her, but there was a question about whether or not it was successful, as the flag was partially touching her ear.  There are two madrichim (counselors) who serve as a Beit Din (judicial panel) in case of conflicts such as this; testimony is taken from the participants as well as from witnesses.  In this case, Gillian was considered to be “not out”.  Alex K. reports that there was a disagreement regarding whether he was “safe” during t’fila, when taking off his tefillin; he was considered to be “not out” after appearing before the Beit Din.

To clarify: one is also “safe” between 11:30 PM until the moment when the first wake-up song finishes in the morning.  Most chanichim rush to return their flag to their ear.  Some, such as Ben H., store it overnight right under their pillows, for the most immediate action.  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion…


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