Nivonim & Assassin: You’ve Got Doar!

Adat-haNivonim is in its second week of an intense and fun competition called “Assasin”.  Here is how it works: Each chanich (camper) first made their own red flag glued to a popsicle stick.  They each then tucked the flags behind their ears.  The object of the game is to be the last person with your red flag.  Each chanich has an assigned target; the mission is to catch the target when the flag is not touching their ear, and then quickly lick and slap an envelope on to the target while shouting “You’ve Got Doar (mail)”.  That target is then “out”.  The last chanich with a red flag — wins.

This week there were two rule updates: bathrooms are no longer “safety zones” — except for the actual toilet stall and shower stall which are still “safety zones”; and no attaching the flag to your ear with a cable, bandana, etc.

Some good “kills” and “almost kills”: Zach L. and Shawn T. report that one chanich snuck up to their target at aruchat tzaharyim (lunch) when the target’s flag had fallen off her head by accident.  He lunged at her with the envelope, but just in the nick of time the target’s friend handed her back her flag, she managed to stick it behind her ear before the envelope got stuck to her, and she was thus saved.   Ben S. reports that also at aruchat tzaharayim, one target needed a fork, but was offered a fork only in exchange for their flag.  He snuck up behind her and slapped on the envelope! “You’ve Got Doar!” Success! Ethan R. was relaxing on a hammock near the Little House on Tzad Bet (B-side), when he heard a little squeak.  Unbeknownst to him, he was the target of Ella, who was hiding under the hammock.  When she squeaked, Ethan jumped, his flag fell of his head, and Ella slapped on the envelope.  “You’ve Got Doar!”  Success!

Josh B. reports his strategy: he avoids the person for whom he is the target; he does not sit near him at t’fila, aruchot, etc. — although of course they are still friends.  Sadly, Addie B. lost her flag in New York City on the first day of the competition, and there were no art materials with which to fashion a replacement flag (which is permitted according to the rules). Nevertheless, she is still enjoying the game very much as a spectator.

May the best Niv win!

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