Nivonim Breaks out Yom Sport

Last night at 6:07pm Yom Sport (color war) broke out at
Machene Ramah.  Through an
elaborate ruse the entire camp was gathered in the Beit Am Bet, to play “Are
you Smarter than a Nivonimer.” 
During the third round of questions contestants were asked, “What were
the original colors of the American flag?” to which the Nivonim representatives
responded, “red, white, blue, and………green!”  Cheering, Ruach, Team Captains, Judges….Game On!

The entire machene is now broken into 4 teams, Red, Blue,
White, and Green, all led by Nivonim captains, who have been hard at work over
the last 2 weeks planning today’s events.   Teams will compete in a variety of competitions
including sports, capture the flag, trivia contests, dancing, song writing, and
a camp wide Apache Relay.

Stay tuned to see which team ends the day victorious. 

Check out this video of the team Ruach (spirit)

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