Nivonim: Bringing Ruach to New Heights


Nivonim has taken it upon themselves to bring ruach/spirit here at Camp to new heights.  For the past week, they have been pumping up the energy everywhere when it comes to shira/singing and rikkud/dancing. This morning, they got the all of Tzad Bet/B-Side to sing Boker Tov/Good Morning to each other. You could feel the ruach everywhere in the room.  And you could certainly see all of the smiles!

This afternoon, our madrichim/counselors took the edah our into the woods. They then spoke to them about using their last two weeks as Nivonim wisely and working hard to solidify their legacy.  It is clear that this edah has kicked ruach up a notch and their energy is one of their greatest assets.  It was with this in mind that our madrichim coronated our edah as Ruach Royalty.  Of course, in the traditional manner of coronations, they each had to sit down and close their eyes.  Once their eyes were closed, they were annointed with holy chocolate syrup! 

Long live the legacy of our Ruach Royalty: Nivonim 2011.

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