Nivonim Chanichim (campers) Overcome…Etgar (Challenge)!

Nivonim chanichim (campers) Ari and Avi have both spent 8 years at Machane Ramah, and have looked forward to their ultra-special Nivonim year in general, and to Etgar in particular.  They relished the challenges of this year’s Etgar — a long, steep, strenuous hike up the Mountain (everyone made it! amazing!) as well as white water rafting.  The hike was unexpectedly tough.  But throughout these outdoor challenges, the chanichim and madrichim (counselors) got to know each other, encouraged each other, and built a cohesive unit ready to take on any challenge.  Especially this year’s special challenge: rain.  Lots of it.  As in…torrential.  So much so that protective tarping did not keep away the puddles.  The chanichim persevered throughout, with positive attitude and good humor, and were welcomed upon their return with a special Thanksgiving-like feast in the Hadar Ochel (dining hall), replete with delicious turkey, yummy mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots.  Avi and Ari agreed: etgar was a great workout, fun, and wet!

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