Nivonim Etgar Recap


Last week Nivonim, along with Machon, headed out from Palmer for a variety of incredible opportunities. The trip options included both outdoor-oriented treks, as well as community service tracks.

The backpacking, rock-climbing, canoe, and biking tracks headed out to areas in the vicinity of camp in order to test their skills in those fields, spending the days out on the trail and the nights at their various campsites.

Many campers also spent time in either New York City or Boston on service trips there. The Boston-based trip focused on a variety of activity, including local farming. In New York, groups assisted in the continued cleanup from Sandy, as well as other issues within the city limits.

A group of Nivonim campers also had the privilege of spending several beautiful days in Washington, D.C., visiting and acting as counselors-in-training at the new Ramah Day Camp there.

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