Nivonim goes to New York Part 5


In the second part of our day, our groups split up and walked from Rockefeller Plaza to Union Square.  Our group spent most of the time going in and out of stores on 5th Ave.  Between the NBC Experience Store, Nintendo World, The NBA Store and Urban Outfitters, everyone had a blast.  Apparently, Nathan had been to Urban Outfitters before our trip:


Afterwards, Sofia, Roni, Suzanne, Beth and Eliana had a great time shopping at H&M.  Leizer, Matt, Simon, Evan and I rode the escalator up and down over and over again.  It was a win-win situation.
As we continued our walk, Eliana and I spent a good amount of time debating whether Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks has better coffee. Who won? Let’s just say we did make a stop for iced coffee, and we did not go to Starbucks. Ahahaha.
When we finally got to Union Square we were able to get the whole edah/division together for a picture:


Then, one of the groups that had stopped at Build-A-Bear Workshop presented me with an early wedding gift: Bearzra.  Apparently, we have the same style of shades:


Now, we are about to have dinner.  Stay tuned for more Nivonim Adventures!

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