Nivonim goes to New York Part 6


Tonight we ate a gourmet lasagna dinner and then walked over to the City Highline. I, along many hanichim/campers, had never walked the Highline before, so it was a new cool experience for many of us. We even got to enjoy a little jazz quartet:


Soon after, we encountered a banjo player who taught us some square dance moves. Here is a short clip of the country-style fun we were having:

Niv12 Square Dance on NYC Highline

Here is a picture of the tzevet/staff at the end of the Highline:

From there we walked to Times’ Square and each group had a photo scavenger hunt to complete. To be honest, the hanichim got into the peula/program without even having to take pictures. From Ari leading a huge group in counting down to “New Years”, to Carmi challenging a street performer to a dance-off, to Ruby teaching that same street performer the Turkish Kiss, to Sam asking a NYPD officer for directions to the K’far Nivonim, we all just had a hilarious evening out on the town. Now, we are going to sleep and getting ready for our final day in New York. Can’t Wait!

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