Nivonim Hadracha Spotlight: Programming


The programming hadracha track learns how to plan creative, well thought out, and exciting peulot (programs) for campers all around camp. During the first week of camp, the MiNis (madrichim b’Nivonim – counselors who are in Nivonim) learned about some of the theory behind programming, including how to create a “goal oritented” program, how to set up a timeline so that everything is planned and prepared in time for the program, and how to plan programs that are engaging for various different ages. Then, during their formal training time with counselor Briana Felsen, the MiNis have been hard at work planning actual programs to be run around camp. First session, the MiNis got the opportunity to plan and run programs for Ilanot, Solelim, and Shoafim campers on A-side. Then, just last week, the MiNis tried running a program from older campers – their friends! They ran two peulot for Nivonimers. The male MiNis ran a program for the female Nivonimers and vice versa. Everyone had a really fantastic time. Here are pictures of two of our MiNis helping out the Nivoniemrs during “wacky Olympics.” Next week, as the final challenge for our peula MiNis, the Nivonimers will run some peulot edah (edah activities) for A-siders during their Chug Gimel perek. They’re hard at work coming up with these peulot, and we can’t wait to share more about them next week!



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