Nivonim Hadracha Spotlight: Shira

The shira (singing) track has been working hard all summer to create opportunities to raise the level of shira all around camp by teaching new songs to all of our edot, introducing songs during shira on Erev Shabbat and at Seuda Shlishit, and learning about the meanings of some of the songs we teach at camp. Every week, the shira hadracha track goes around to the tisches of all of the edot on B-side, and have gotten a lot of experience in teaching songs in Hebrew, making sure to teach songs in a way that is both engaging, and easy to follow, especially to kids who aren’t so comfortable with either singing or Hebrew. Ellie Deresiwicz, the Nivonim clounselor leading the track writes:

“Shira hadracha has been having a wonderful time this summer! Our small -but proud!- group has spent time learning new songs to implement into Ramah’s Shira (singing) repertoire, including new tunes to Menucha V’Simcha and Bilvavi. We have also taught these songs to both younger edot as well as the rest of Nivonim. Our campers have been working hard on creating Nivonim shironim (song books) that are both comprehensive and personalized, and that include all of Nivonim’s favorite songs from Shabbat. The campers have learned important skills regarding how to lead a successful song session, how to command a room, and how to teach songs to younger campers. We are greatly looking forward to the rest of our melody- and fun-filled summer together, and I can’t wait to see what else my campers accomplish in our Shira hadracha!”


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