Nivonim Hadracha Spotlight: Sport


Over the course of the summer, the Sports hadracha track has had a number of wonderful opportunities to work with younger campers around camp. First session, the campers ran sports chugim (electives) for A-side campers, and taught some of the fundamentals of football, basketball, softball, and more. One of the most exciting parts of the summer was when half of the group got to travel to URJ Camp Eisner along with Shoafim (rising 7th graders) to coach in an inter-camp tournament. Most of our MiNis (madrichim b’Nivonim – counselors who are in Nivonim) served as assistant coaches alongside Shoafim counselors, but a few lucky MiNis actually got to coach the teams entirely by themselves! One of our MiNis, Efraim, coached girls basketball by himself, and led the team to victory! This session, the Sport MiNis have been helping the JV teams prepare for Yom Berkshires. We can’t wait to see them in action on game day!



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