Nivonim Hadracha

The Nivonim campers have been having many
opportunities to implement the skills they have been learning in their
hadracha experience. The rikud track choreographed a dance that they taught to the entire edah to be perfomed at

On Tuesday evening the Nivonim campers in the programming & bunk counseling hadrachot organized and ran peulot erev for Tzad Aleph. Ilanot, Solelim and Shoafim edot has a wonderful time turning a pillow case full of objects into answers to Jewish questions & riddles. The Nivonim campers had an opportunity to apply the skills they have been learning over the course of their hadracha training to the implementation of these peulot erev (night time activities).

The Teva hadracha has helped with Tzad Aleph overnights in Machaneh Gimmel. And, the shirah track is busy creating set lists for Friday night shirah each week & performing in the weekly Makelat Tzevet (staff choir) every Friday for the enitre camp. 

The lifeguarding track is working hard and coming closer to their certification. The amitzim CITs have been spending time with the Amitzim campers, taking them to the agam and enjoying chug time with the campers.

More to come soon about the wonderful peulot ran by the programming track & drama track on Yom Meyuchad!

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