Nivonim has Alternative Teffilot/Prayers


This morning Nivonim woke up a little early and had an alternative teffila/prayer experience.  Instead of standing in one place in our moadon/lounge, we went on a walk together while we prayed together. 


Our hanichim/campers, Sammy and Emily were the leaders and took turns leading the teffilot and the direction of the group.  One cool thing about this experience was that it came directly from the hanichim.  Our very own madrich miktzo’i/specialist, Michael Fraade, had his Niv U group plan this alternative experiece. 


Afterwards during our discussion, Avi commented that he felt like the walking woke him up a little and he was able to focus more on the teffilot.  Many other hanichim mentioned that they also really liked they change of style and scenery.
As Rosh, it was great to see the edah/division engaged in teffilot and thinking about their own prayer experiences in deep, meaningful  and critical ways.
Yasher Koach to Michael, Emily, Sammy and many others in helping to lead us in teffila this morning. 

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