Nivonim “It’s a Good Life Chug” Time-Capsule Opened!


This afternoon in K’far Nivonim we continued what has become a great Ramah tradition.  I met with the Nivonimers to open the time-capsule we had created together back on the last Friday of their Shoafim summer, in 2010, during the final meeting of the “It’s a Good Life” chug.

It was a lot of fun to open the time-capsule.  The kids had lots of laughs seeing the objects they had put in, and reading the letters they had written in Shoafim to their future Nivonim selves.

Tomorrow afternoon, before Shabbat, I will meet with the Shoafim 2014 “It’s a Good Life” chug participants and we’ll seal their time-capsule, to be opened at the end of their Nivonim summer in 2018…!