Nivonim and Leadership Development — Ready World, Here They Come!

This Friday, the Nivonim chanichim (campers) stood on the threshold of becoming full-fledged adult Jewish leaders, as they created, designed, organized and carried out a stellar camp-wide Peulah (activity) while the rest of the tzevet (staff) was engaged in their camp-wide meeting.

The Rosh Edah (division head), Aryeh (pictured above, top), explained that this is a rare and unique opportunity for the Nivonimers to take full control of every single part of a large, complex, camp-wide project involving all the chanichim, and taking place in 2 large venues: Tzad Aleph Moadon and Tzad Bet Moadon.

There are additional opportunities all during the kayitz (summer) for the Nivonimers to engage and get to know in particular the Tzad Aleph (A-side) chanichim, and to develop their leadership skills.  The entire Nivonim summer is devoted to creating impactful, caring, empathetic leaders who are fully prepared to go forth and become our next generation of Jewish leadership.  The curriculum is effective and the Nivonimers fully embrace their leadership roles in a tangible way.

After the peula, Sarah Kieval (photo below), acting Nivonim rosh, noted, “It was beautiful to watch the nivonim chanichim lead younger chanichim, kochavim through machon, in an engaging and active peulah. Everyone had smiles on their faces”.

The photo array shows the leaders in action, explaining the details of the peula and helping the chanichim carry out their task: to create a newscast on each major area of Life at Palmer.

Throughout,  the Nivonimers are seen exhibiting their focused, patient, engaged, calm, enthusiastic, and of course fun demeanors.

Most prominent physical manifestation of our successful Nivonim leaders: the ubiquitous clipboard!

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