Nivonim Leadership Experience


The chanichim (campers) just completed their two-day leadership workshops!! The Nivonimers in all of the tracks had a wonderful and enriching experience. The bunk-counseling track spent an intensive day on Tzad Aleph learning about the day of a madrich (counselor). The camp-programming track spent their workshop time learning how to create programs, which we will implement over the course of the summer.





The lifeguarding track spent time at the agam (lake) gaining foundational skills for their course.



The rikud (dance) track learned Israeli dance—both the steps and how to teach the dances to younger campers.




The shirah (song) track had fun playing different instruments and learning how to teach songs to younger campers.




The theatre track spent time in their workshop learning improv games, laughing a lot, while learning how to teach the games to younger campers.




The teva (nature) track spent time outdoors exploring camp. The sport track, in addition to many activities, had a discussion about what it means to be a leader. And the Amitzim track spent time learning how to be counselors-in-training for campers with disabilities.

We look forward to continuing our leadership experience!!!


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