Nivonim Leadership Workshop: Day One!


The entire Nivonim experience (Nivonim is our oldest edah of campers here at camp) is the culmination of those campers' journies as campers through the edot here at Camp Ramah. But it is also the beginning of a new journey: that of one day hopefully coming back to camp as a member of our summer tzevet (staff). To that end, a key element of the Nivonim experience is the summer-long Nivonim Leadership Training Program.

Our Nivonimers have been divided into the following summer-long tracks: Shira (singing/music), Rikud (dance), Lifeguard Training, Camp Programming, Bunk Counseling, and Amitzim Bunk Counseling. Each track is spearheaded by one member of our Nivonim staff (or another senior staff member from around camp), and each track offers our campers many opportunities to develop high-level skills and leadership experience in that particular area of specialization. 

Last night every Nivonimer received a clipboard (a symbolic statement that they have begun moving past their camper years and into the staff experience) in a fun, edah-wide clipboard ceremony.  This morning, we began an intensive two-day leadership workshop, run by a number of extraordinarily talented specialists (all of whom are former Ramah New England senior staff members) who are joining us at camp, until Shabbat, to work with the campers in each of our leadership tracks. 

We've had a wonderful day of learning and training so far.  Here are some photos:

NIVLeadership 022 

NIVLeadership 002 

NIVLeadership 004 

NIVLeadership 005