Nivonim Leadership Workshops


As the oldest group in camp, leadership is a huge component of Nivonim summer and the overall Nivonim program. Throughout Nivonim, we have a number of opportunities to act as leaders in camp, whether it be as Berkshires captains, Yom Sport captains and judges, or leading shira (singing) in the chadar ochel. The cornerstone of our leadership, however, is the hadracha (leadership) program. Campers are split up into various leadership tracks, such as programming, tech, Amitzim, and bunk counselor, that help them develop skills in areas which will impact camp and be help them as future staff members.

Today and yesterday, we had leadership specialists from outside of camp come teach intensive sessions to our chanichim. Many of these specialists once worked at camp, and lent their expertise to jumpstart our hadracha experience. The campers have been having a wonderful and meaningful time, and are learning concrete skills that will help them for the rest of the summer.


Todah Rabah (Thank you) to all of our specialists for spending these two days with us!


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