Nivonim leads Shira/Singing on Shabbat

It has long been a tradition at Camp for the Nivonimers to lead shira/singing during the Shabbat meals on Friday and Saturday night. In keeping with that masoret/tradition, our hanichim/campers had practiced how to lead and even had a set list for which songs would come when.  I must say that I was so proud of our entire edah/division.  They just got it.  They knew that they were role models in the spotlight and they set the tone for the entire Camp.  There was so much ruach/spirit on both nights that you could literally feel it the air. Micah approached me afterwards, smiling with pride, and told me that younger hanichim were coming up to him saying that that was the best shira session that they have ever been to!
Our summer theme in Nivonim is Yetzirat Ha’Derech/Creating a Path, and that is exactly what our edah did on Shabbat.  They created a path filled with ruach and brought the rest of the younger hanichim along with them.  They truly transformed the hadar ochel/caffeteria and ohel/tent into a makom kadosh/holy place with their voices.
It was an amazing first Shabbat, and I look forward to a Shavua Tov/good week.

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